Terms & Conditions

Last updated: November 30, 2021

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using Our Service.

Rental conditions

  1. YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES You agree to use the rented bike as a reasonably responsible and informed individual, in accordance with these rental conditions. You are responsible for the bike hired and must make every effort not to damage, lose the bike, or allow it to be stolen.
  2. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY – You must not rent a bike if you have been advised against such physical activity by a medical professional. Limerick Greenway Bike Hire are not medical professionals and cannot clear you to undertake physical activity. A cycling helmet is offered with every hire and you accept any physical consequences should you refuse this safety equipment.
  3. HIRE PENALTIES – Failure to abide by the rental conditions can result in penalties at the discretion of Limerick Greenway Bike Hire.
    These include but are not limited to:
    • Late return fee €40 (in excess of 30 minutes after closing hours)
    • Excessive damage outside of normal wear and tear to the bike: penalty fee adjusted according to the level of damage taken by the bike.
    • Disappearance/Theft of the bike under your care: depending on model of the bike between €500 – €2000
  4. OWNERSHIP – At all times during the rental period the bike remains the property of Limerick Greenway Bike Hire Ltd. No third party is granted permission to borrow or use the bike during the duration of your hire, except where you are renting as the legal guardian of a minor. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  5. PRE-RENTAL CHECKS – While every effort is made to regularly service bikes between rentals, prior to renting a bike you must carry out very basic checks as follows: Saddle and pedals are properly fixed and appropriate height for your frame, brakes are in good working order, and tyres are suitably pumped. If any of these criteria are not present, you must make the hire staff aware of any issues and they will provide a more suitable replacement.
  6. RULES OF THE ROAD – During the hire period, you are responsible for your own safety and will agree to follow the rules of the road. As on roads, you will adhere to keep left, passing other greenway users only when safe to do so, and by alerting them in an agreeable and loud tone, e.g “Passing on your right”, while using the bell. You are responsible for injuries to yourself and others while using the bike. You agree to be respectful towards other greenway users, and to take care and slow down while passing walkers, dogs, and children.

By accepting the rental, you agree to the above conditions and declare that you are physically cleared to use a bike and have been adequately shown how to use the brakes and gears safely.

Cancellation Policy

  • Large groups of 10 or more require a 50% deposit to secure.
  • If you have booked a bike in advance and paid a booking fee, in the event of cancellations or no shows, this booking fee is not refundable in the 24 hours before the bike pick up date.
  • Bookings CAN be moved to an alternate day without penalty at the discretion of Limerick Greenway Bike Hire Ltd.
  • For more information or queries regarding our policies please contact us at 087 372 6914 or email hello@limerickgreenwaybikehire.ie